Three Musical veterans from Suburban Detroit: Older, wiser, and better for sure - but not slower, quieter or lazier. Since February 2002 The OffRamps have been throwing it at the wall to see what sticks. The band has been labeled by the press as Power-Pop, Americana, Pop-Punk, or -depending who you ask - various combinations of those terms. But they all call it rock. The kind that goes well with a beer and a shot in a smoky bar. The kind that you crank in the car while you're singing along. The kind that you weren't sure still existed in this age of MTV2 and Myspace.

It's honest, real, and heart-felt mid-western rock. The NEW record ain't your standard fare of Manchester-Brit-pop,Ultra-Safe-Adult-Alternative-Country, or Shopping-Mall-Eyeliner-Punk.The 12 songs on Split the Difference are well crafted and passionately played, produced loud and hot, with layers of guitars and hidden hooks.

The direction is the same but the road is wider, don't miss the exit.

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