It's been another busy Summer and Fall for The OffRamps. We played some great shows and made some great friends. Highlights included a showcase at the Midpoint Music Festival in Cincinatti and the Rockstars' Cars & Guitars Concert Series at The Henry Ford in Dearborn. Boat Night at in Port Huron was a blast and retun trips to Kalamazoo, Traverse City and Marquette kept things exciting as well.

The big news is that we're back in the Studio recording the follow up to Hate It When You're Right. This time we're working at the Tempermill in Ferndale and we're pretty excited with the results so far. We're hoping for a late-Winter 2008 release and plan on playing everywhere once the record is out.

Check out Hot Rocks Radio. It's a great online radio station that has us as a featured band. They've been very supportive and they play some great stuff so check them out!

Please visit our PRESS page for reviews of the CD and SHOWS page for a complete, up-to-date listing of upcoming events.

We're really looking forward to seeing everyone in 2008. Our first show is at the MAGIC BAG in Ferdale. This is a great opportunity for us and we are really excited about it. We'll be pulling out all the stops to get everyone out for this one! We also have shows booked in Mount Pleasant, Kalamazoo, Maumee and Ann Arbor.

Happy Holidays - Hope to see you at a show!

What a busy year so far for The OffRamps! We've played a ton of shows in some new cities (Maumee, Grand Rapids, Traverse City and Saginaw to name a few) as well some of our more familiar haunts (Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo, Hamtramck, Toledo, etc...). We had a great time at Thrivefest in New Hudson (with good friends Lisboa tearing it up one tent over) and thankfully survived our second trip up to Marquette. Can't forget to mention all the great bands we've been playing with. The Paybacks were kind enough to ask us to open for them at the Blind Pig in March and it was one of our best shows to date. We had a blast with The Muggs in Toledo, and it's always a pleasure sharing stages with old friends like The Zimmerman Twins, The Matt Truman Ego Trip and Whitey Morgan. Visit our Show Arcives to see a list of all the shows we've played and all the great bands we've played with.

Our songs Chapter 8 and Hallmark Holiday were featured on a show called The Off-Ramp on Los Angeles NPR. It's a cool show hosted by an ex-Detroiter. The episode also featured a story and interview with Exene Cervenka (from X).

Between shows we've been working hard at writing songs for the next record. We are currently discussing studio options and getting ready to start recording demos of the new tracks.

Meanwhile, there is some really exciting stuff on the horizon. We are really looking forward to our show at The Henry Ford Rock Stars' Cars & Guitars exhibit on September 13th. Other upcoming events of note include the Lunchtime Concert Series at Campus Martius in Detroit on August 29th and the Kickoff party for the Ypsilanti Songwriters Festival on October 19th. Please visit our SHOWS page for a complete, up-to-date listing of upcoming events.

Our Press Archive contines to grow!
New live Photos have been added to the Gallery.
Hope to see you at a show!

Happy Holidays from the OffRamps! The last few months have been very interesting for us. We'be been all over the place supporting our new CD Hate It When You're Right. We've played a ton of shows, done some radio interviews and gotten some great press and feedback on the record. Here are some highlights:

  • Sep. 9 - We celebrated the release of Hate It When You're Right at the Elbow Room in Ypsi.
  • Nov. 2 - We opened for Nashville's Will Hogue at the Bling Pig in Ann Arbor
  • Nov. 4 - We were the featured band on the 89X Homeboy Show.
  • Nov 10/11 - We played 2 shows in Marquette and somehow lived to tell about it. What a weekend!
  • Nov./Dec. - Hate It When You're Right has been on the Miles of Music Top Weekly sellers list for a few weeks now and was #9 for the month of November (not bad for only 2 weeks of sales!)
  • Dec 2 - We played our 50th show - opening for Whitey Morgan at Outrigger's.

The Press surrounding the record has been great! We have started an archive HERE. Check back frequently for updates!

By request, the lyrics to the record are HERE.

We've added several new shirts to the store. They can all be ordered online HERE.

Finally! Hate It When You're Right, our first official release, is available. After 2 years of late nights, long weekends, and gallons of caffiene at Ann Arbor's Big Sky Recording Studio, the product is in our hands and ready to make its way to yours.

With the release of the record, we have lots of new shows booked and a new wesite loaded with features including new MP3s, a Family Tree and several options for purchasing the CD. We're looking forward to your thoughts and hopefully we'll see you out at some shows this fall as we promote Hate It WHen You're Right.

The OffRamps
Hate It When You're Right

Hate It When You're Right
  1. Twenty3
  2. Hallmark Holiday
  3. Chapter Eight
  4. Motorcade
  5. Nothing to Get Dressed For
  6. Don't Wanna Wait
  7. The Offramp
  8. Skoal Motel
  9. Riding Fences
  10. Impulse Buy
  11. Abrasive Personality
  12. Sunshine State

Winter 2006 - Greetings and Happy new Year! Hard to believe it's been 4 years since our inception. We're looking forward to a return to the Hamtramck Blowout and more shows in 2006. We've stepped up the pace on the CD and can almost see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to all of our musician friends who have been loaning us additional gear in the process. More big thanks to the many who came out to the Elbow Room in January for one of our best attended shows to date.

Check out the Ypsi-based Drastic Plastic E-Zine. They are kind enough to put our link up and accept contributions (1, 2) from Jeremy.  While you're surfing, check out our MySpace page for MP3s, photos and links to lots of cool bands.

Fall 2005 - Still plugging away at the recording of our CD at Big Sky Recording in Ann Arbor. We've crossed the half way point and actually have a few tunes done! Check out 2 new demos we did in the basement earlier this fall. Recent shows in Hamtramck,Ann Arbor and Pontiac have been a lot of fun. Look for a return to the Elbow Room in Ypsi soon.

Theofframps.com new Website Launched.

Welcome to the new website! Everything has been updated - MP3s, video, photos... and check out the archives for shows and news updates from the past.

We're still plugging away at the recording of our CD. We have basic tracks done on a few tunes and are going back in soon to do some more and start recording vocals. Meanwhile, Jeremy has contributed a track to the second tribute to the Drive-By Truckers which will be availble for free - details forthcoming.

We made our first appearance at the Hamtramck Blowout this year with good friends The Northern Whiskey Syndicate, Corndaddy and Paul's Big Radio. If you're not on our mailing list please sign up below!

Our frst show of the new year was at the Corktown Tavern on Friday January 7th with good friends The Give Up Solution and Lisboa. What a blast! Look for more shows and some new MP3s soon...

We have officially started recording out our CD at Big Sky Studio in Ann Arbor. We hope to have it done by 2010 but we're not making any promises. There have been some new photos uploaded and some new MP3s on the sounds page. Hope to see everyone at The Elbow Room on October 1

We have contributed the song Sink Hole to a fan tribute CD to the Drive-By Truckers. the tribute is called Hell No I Ain't DBT's and is free for the asking. Check out the website for the tribute HERE.

With a few more shows under our belts we're finally heading into a studio to start working on our CD. We'll be recording a couple songs at The Swamp in Ann Arbor and some more songs at some other studios. We have no time-frame for the completed product but hopefully sometime in '04.

We are also happy and honored to be contributing a song to a Drive-By Truckers fan-tribute CD coming out this winter. We'll be recording Sinkhole off their latest release Decoration Day.

Welcome to the NEW offramps.com Flash site!

Things have been pretty quiet with the OFF RAMPs this summer - We've been couped up in the basement recording demos and rehearsing. Jay did some shows out west with Brooklawn, Jer played July shows in Cleveland with Clashback and in Marquette with The Regulars, and Mike has been enjoying free time at his new property up North while flying (literally) from one corner of the country to the the other for weddings and work.

We have posted some new MP3s on the Sounds page, including a couple of new demos and our contribution to AMCT4 - A Tribute to Cheap Trick. Please send us an email (use the Contact page or email contact@theofframps.com) and let us know what you think of the new site, the new MP3s, or whatever!

Our second round of shows are behind us now and we'd like to thank everyone who came out to the Blind Pig, the Elbow Room and/or Jacoby's. We are gearing up to learn some new songs and go into the studio to record our CD.

Meanwhile, Mike's other band American Mars is getting ready for their SXSW gig, Jer's side project Clashback is getting ready for a show in March at The Lager House and Jay's other band Brooklawn continue to promote their new CD The Land Of Stolen Bicycles.

The OFF RAMPs make their official recorded debut! We have contributed the song Born to Raise Hell to a CHEAP TRICK tribute. The tribute can be purchased by clicking HERE.

Please visit our Metro Times Sonic Metropolis page. There is a new song available for download, a photo and links to some of our other projects!

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us at our first shows. Special thanks to The Ruiners and Brooklawn for asking us to open for them. We'll be booking some more shows soon so keep posted!

The OFF-RAMPs have contributed a song to a Cheap Trick tribute CD coming out soon!

We recorded Born to Raise Hell (a somewhat obscure track from the Rock 'N' Rule soundtrack).

For more info go HERE


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