The Smartest Move (2008)

  Actual Events (Based On)
  Everything On A Longshot
  Can't See
  Take You Away
  Hurry Up & Wait
  Party Of 1
  Short Of Suicide
  Alimentar las Moscas
  Where Do We Take It From Here
  It'll Do For Now

Hate It When You're Right (2006)

  Hallmark Holiday
  Chapter 8
  Nothing to Get Dressed For
  Don't Wanna Wait
  Skoal Motel
  Riding Fences
  Impulse Buy
  Abrasive Personality
  Sunshine State

Actual Events (Based On)

I've been walking around in circles baby
Wearing a hole in the ground
I've been laying back for a year or 2 maybe
More or less hanging around

I've been turning up rocks and Turning down roles
tryin' to get a look at you
But if you're based on actual events
Driven but just like new

I've been looking for answers in all the wrong places
Hiding behind the truth
I've been shaken since you removed all traces
Dying, but just like new

I hear your footsteps in the darkest night
I see your shadow in the subway light

I've been waiting for a while
In search of that elusive smile
It's got a place in my permanent file

I Shook off my last beating and skipped my last feeding
And acted like I had no clue
I stayed true to a word that nobody heard
Reconditioned but just like new

I hear your footsteps in the darkest night
I see your shadow in the subway light

I've been waiting for a while
In search of that elusive smile
It's got a place in my permanent file

Everything On A Long Shot

What Iíd likeís not likely to happen
What I needís not on my plate
Taking it all for granted itís not too late

Form a line to hear your sentence
At the edge of a hurricane
Lying in bed and youíre listening to the rain

Take another chance on another lost cause
As a sure thing passes by
Watching it fall apart and you started to cry

You put everything on a long shot
In the shortest span of time
Up and down the aisle without spending a dime

Canít fall asleep
Canít stay awake
Canít face the day when all thatís left is the rain

Can I waste another day on just squeaking by
If I shake it long enough will it turn into wine
Should I base it all on what falls from the sky

Thereís a trickle pounding on the window sill
And Iím staring at the ceiling still
The minutes and hours slowly go passing by

Can't See

I can't see through your soul
You seem to think so though
You're not the girl I got to know

Point out how little I know
I know enough now though
To see when something just won't grow

Star in your little show
But what your friends don't know
That's not how it goes at home

Seems like you're always alone
You're always tired, you're always stoned
You're always waiting for the phone

Sometimes I wonder If I should stick it out
Until it works out right
Sometimes I wonder if it's worth the fight
I can't see turning back
Now that all my things are packed
I can't see turning to attack

Take You Away

You've never seen the Milky Way
Or snow that lasts more than a day
Maybe Iím the one to take you away

Spotlights, streetlights a million cars
Neon signs from a million bars
Make the blackest skies turn gray
Maybe Iím the one to take you away

Tinsel-town full of glass
The days are slow but you yet Ďem pass
It was warmer out yesterday
Maybe Iím the one to take you away

Hear the crunch beneath your feet
Count the regrets you won't repeat
See you breathing in the air
It's freezing cold but I don't care

Seen pictures but you have your doubts
Your downstate boyfriend's on the outs
It was warmer out yesterday
Maybe Iím the one to take you away

Hurry Up & Wait

Thought I saw the best that anyone could give
But it never came true
Heard an enemy claim youíve got one live to live
Iíll live mine through you

Caught a virus causes apathy Iíll never see
Whatís standing in my way
Donít have time for two well what am I supposed to do
Hurry up and wait

Hurry up and wait

Take the time to sit and ponder all the numbness faced
Well I just need a taste
Staring in the mirrorís like staring into space
What a waste

Hurry up and wait

Trade it in for a newer one when I like the one I got
Trade it in for a stupid grin when it really donít mean a lot
Iíd rather sit home and rot

From the back seat of the bus I count Ďem on one hand
Hour glass out of sand
Staring in the mirrorís like staring into space
Hurry up and wait

What a waste

Party of 1

No new cause to celebrate, an excuse to relax
Iíll go in on my feet and Iíll leave on my back
Challenges pushed aside for a new word to say
My handís on the trigger of somebodyís day

Worthless old keepsake worth less than before
With an eye on the clock and an eye on the door
An apprentice to dozens but master of none
The life of the party a party of one

There's spit on my seatbelt and crap on my hands
You throw it away but wherever it lands
Take solace in knowing what you did was wrong
You act so surprised but you knew all along

Iím the life of the party - party of one

Short of Suicide

She's the kind of girl who likes bridges
And drawing pictures of the moon
She's got more problems than fixes
And she's hiding in her room
She keeps a stack of books beneath her bed
And a spare key in the drawer
Not one of them she's ever read
She tiptoes 'cross the floor

They call up the stairs to wake her up
And I whisper in her ear good luck

And I stopped short of suicide
After the lukewarm reception in your eyes
Dig to the bottom just to get the prize

I swore on a stack of pancakes
That last night would be the last
I got the integrity of a lampshade
If any indication is the past

From the booth I was eying up the parking lot
But I never made it that far

And I stopped short of suicide
The quarter landed on its side
You were out there waiting for a ride

I swore on a stack of bibles

I'd be gone by the first of June
And if May fell into the ocean
It wouldn't happen a day too soon

I never been to church a day in my life
And I never met a liar I didn't like

And I stopped short of suicide
When events like these coincide
Shrug your shoulders and say you tried


Someone saw you yesterday said they saw you feeling low
The said the times had gone bad and the time had come to go
Someone saw you yesterday said you muttered a Hello
Said you gave out on Ďem and you never let Ďem know

Someone saw your picture and they said you looked so thin
But skin and bones are only a reflection from within
They said you looked so frail like a worn out welcome mat
Said theyíd like to see you come alive and make it back

I wanna see you on my way home
I wanna hear about you where I roam
I see you searching for high ground
On the morning when the thunder comes around

Someone saw you Friday said you were moving a little slow
They said you looked so tired and I said I ought to know
Iím feeliní a little tired, worn down and drained inside
If youíre looking for some shelter think I could catch a ride?

Feeding the Flies

I know when you signed up you thought it would be great
It didnít take too long to wanna leave me in this state
I got you climbing up the walls
This is worse than the last show we saw

The grass is always greener on the other side of the tank
It might look a little cleaner but itís still got that stank
If I used up my tries
Iíll just stay on home and feed the flies

Feeding the Flies - Itís pouring
From the skies - whoís boring?
Trying to pass this Tuesday afternoon

Back from the store - Ignoring
The phone on the floor - Imploring
Pick up a chair in this backyard living room

Take another day off
Sweeten it up with a hack and a cough

Just because the sun came up donít make you see more straight
It didnít take you very long to wanna leave me in this state
Iíll sit here for days
Feeding the flies to keep myself entertained

Where Do We Take It From Here

You canít always plan on the inevitable
Itís not always the smartest move
By restraining weíve got something to prove

We canít always hide behind the crossing line
It gets blurry with a little booze
But itís a mark that we both have to choose

Where do we take it from here

The sun is up but itís a cold, cold day
And Iím counting the minutes that I can stay
But tomorrow Iíll be on my way

When the skyline calls and judgment prevails
But Iíll leave out some key details
In my head Iím a thousand miles away

Where do we take it from here

You canít always blame it on the moment or the alcohol
Iíll wait a couple extra days before I call

You can't always count on the inevitable
And itís never the smartest move
But itís a mark that we both have to choose

With a little bit of time between us
And a pile of unmade plans
Letís face it, we just donít understand

Where do we take it from here

It'll Do For Now

Before I opened my tab to the last call
You know I really thought Iíd seen it all
I feigned interest in what was because
It seemed a heavy price for the same old buzz

Can I get my bill
Iím only short a dime
What the hell did I do with my keys this time

Third stool down with a corporate tan
His wife caught him in bed with another man

But itís not his thing
It was barely a fling
She tried her best to make him eat that ring

Youíre better seen but never ever heard
While theyíre waiting on your every word
Feeling like a caged in bird
Itíll do for now but itís not preferred

Before I opened my tab to the last call
You know I really thought Iíd seen it all
When the bottleís empty and the glass is dry
And the last one out says the last goodbye

I put my collar up
And step into the street
Another day of feeling incomplete

Youíre better seen but never ever heard
While theyíre waiting on your every word
Feeling like a caged in bird
Itíll do for now but itís not preferred


We met at your brother's trial
My sunken eyes caught your smile
I was free but you were busy for a while

I wanted to be a part of you
But not the sole of your left shoe
I wanted us to make a fuss like green and blue

You said Ďthereís a skeleton in my closetí
ĎDonít you turn it off just pause ití
ĎI might be caught up in this mess but I didnít cause it'

You let me hang on every word
Like anyone else would have heard
To you it made such perfect sense to me itís absurd

Friends by day
Strangers at night
Are you really far away or barely out of sight

Whatís left to say
That doesnít make it right
Are you really far away or barely out of sight

I thought I saw most everything there is to see
So now can I please leave
I doesnít matter what you hear itís what you want to believe
Like you donít look a day over twenty three

I left through the sliding door
Thinking I could learn no more
When did counting sidewalk cracks become such a bore?

You cleaned your closet and made your bed
And set up camp right in my head
I shouldía been there, I shouldnítía left I shouldía said

Hallmark Holiday

Said I love you on a Hallmark Holiday
Couldnít do it in a roundabout way
Just look inside to see the things I could never say

At your window Iím steaminí up the glass
Iím just obsessed with being part of your past
Iíll take you back now all you gotta do is ask

I had you tailed and your cell phone bugged
I got inside and hid beneath your rug
I stole your lipstick off of your favorite mug

Changed your sheets on a Wednesday morning
Changed your number on a Thursday night
Said take a left but I really should have taken a right

I changed your tire and I mended your fence
Made sure to show up at all of your events
Youíre in my future but to you Iím strictly past tense

To shake it up I dressed up like a clown
And just for kicks I tried to put you back down
Snuck up behind you but you never even turned around

Changed your sheets on a Wednesday morning
Left on Thursday for an early flight
Said youíre sorry but that really doesnít make it all right

Fell in love on a Hallmark holiday
Ask me nice but Iíll never go away
Just look inside to see the things I could never say

Chapter 8

Youíve got a flair for the dramatic
And dirty housewife hair
Itís borderline fanatic
And maybe Iíll meet you there

A short drive up the coast
Takes you to a tucked away cafť
Where the scallops come from flounder
And you practice what youíre gonna say

Thereís a beetle in the parking lot
Of the Abelard Arms hotel
Where the cars drive by and think íwhatís inside?í
And baby youíll never tell

Thereís a shakeup on the home front
Or in the hotel room
Now youíre bored to tears with everything
Thatís happened since the baby boom

What do we do if we get caught
Maybe we should and maybe not
Shut up and tie me a sheepshank knot

I woke up from a deep blue sleep
Alone and feeling great
I grew up with a front row seat
On the pages of chapter 8


Looking out the window that you made
Take your place in the motorcade
When the memories begin to fade
And you start to show your age

There's a difference in the colors that we bleed
I'm persecuted by what you read
Alive or dead, in debt or in between You canít imagine what I've seen

Did you read it in a book that someone wrote
Did you beat it it out of them before you slit their throat
Did you happen to escape with a dollar more
Cuzí no one's listening anymore
no one's listening anymore

Did you read it in a book that someone wrote
Did you drink it from a glass that someone broke
Did you pour a little salt into an open sore
Cuzí no one's listening anymore
no one's listening anymore

Nothing To Get Dressed For

Spending hours on the interstate
And i don't even know what for
There's nowhere to go to and no words that hold true
And nothing to get dressed for

Remember the line that we had nothing but time
And at the time we both believed it was true
Did it get kinda late or was it someone you hate
Because today you sing a different tune

Take a last look back At that excuse for a shack
Your bags packed by the door
Drew a line in the sand with your own 2 hands
And forgot what you were fighting for

A sign on the wall says you must be this tall
If you wanna take this ride
You tried to confess but you couldnít care less
At least you can say you tried

Standing outside the dressing room
Youíre the problem behind the door
It was no affair but I had no business there
And nothing to answer for

íIs it my size? how does it look from behind?í
Whatíd I get myself into
Take a last look back, have a panic attack
Even though I think you knew

Don't Wanna Wait

I donít wanna know what youíre after
The steps youíll take to get you there
Through the door I heard the laughter
In the corner I felt the stares

Did my time on the outside
Paid my dime to look on in
Shook the cold off my shoulder
Fielding questions on where Iíve been

Donít wanna wait for you to get home

You shook the hands of some strangers
You never thought that youíd be missed
With all thatís happened you seem distant
But awful quick to reminisce

Donít wanna wait for you to get home

Donít wanna be there when youíre down
Donít wanna fight or stand my ground
And donít wanna see whose still around

Donít wanna stop and take a look
Or tear the pages from a book
I canít retrace the steps I took

Donít wanna wait for you to get home

Skoal Motel

Open a beer with the sun
Gin and grape juice - purple passion
In for a sixer, out with a tin
Donít committ to nothing but committiní a sin

Passin out in a phone booth before the set
Never admitín that itís time to go home yet
Piss in a plant on fraternity row
Kicked in the face and thrown in the snow

Got nowhere to sleep, oh well
You can always get a room at the Skoal Motel
Last in line at the wishing well
You can always get a room at the Skoal Motel

At the wishing well youíre last in line
You never know whatchíre going to find
At the wishing well youíre last in line
But you were never last on mine

Shakiní off trouble like the fortunate one
But the weight on your shoulders felt more like a ton
Teariní it up on a Wednesday night
íJust let him go, man, he aint worth the fightí

Riding Fences

I donít like you
I donít like the way you live
I keep hoping that Iím gonna run into something better

Whatís that for?
I just hate seeing anything go to waste
So this is what we fought all night to get back to

In the corner
Take a peek around the door
Stick around in hopes youíll get a little more

Riding fences
You shouldnít feel so left out
Besides thereís little left you aint found out

Riding fences
Riding fences through your door
Riding fences
Riding fences now no more

Look around you
Take a toll of what you see
Fences, dresses, sidewalks, trees and me

Riding fences
You shouldnít feel so left out
Alone and scared but in your finest hour

Impulse Buy

You walk into the room but no one notices
Take two steps forward & one step back
Youíre tired of the window shopping and the Sunday Paper
Bargin bin crap on the clearance rack

The city lights, well they promised you a brighter future
If nothing else youíd be closer to the stars
If nothing grabs your eye youíll fall victim to an impulse buy
Everything ainít worth a second try

At the counter
You stare for hours
A victim to an impulse buy

The only thing worse than leaving empty handed
Is leaving there with no hands at all
The only thing that youíre tired of is being reprimanded
You canít see why everyoneís appalled

Abrasive Personality

I used to have some friends to ignore
`Till they went away
I don't go out too much no more
Maybe another day

Dirtly looks and angry backs turned
Now they're slinging mud
Wonder if you'll have me back now
Wonder if you could

No goodbyes, not even `Hey Man, Helloí
Recall the person that I used to know

Now I gotta know
What do you see
What have I done
What could it be

Is it my abrasive personality or me?

Remeber throwing back a few
And making all that noise
You got the numbers on a hundred napkins
From a hundred boys

Has it been a year or just a day ago?
Now you got the right to say you told me so

Sunshine State

From a torn screen door and the porch light on
In a vacant lot with a junkyard lawn
Headlights down a gravel road
You canít cash in the things youíre told

With your hair pulled back and your raincoat on
In the sunshine state where you donít belong
Youíre silent when you tell the truth
From the bottom wrung or the tallest roof

Iím a Siamese cat on a window sill
Canít keep my paws out of the till
Iím comatose but I canít sit still
Iíll take one more but Iíve had my fill

Youíre broken up and Iím broken down
On a one way street in a dead end town
Youíre loudest when misunderstood
Thereís a road away but I donít think you could

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